Native American Flutes

The High Spirits, Yazzie and the Stellar flutes, are professional quality and many are used in concert venues.

The Jonah Thompson and Marvin Yazzie flutes are authentic Native American made flutes.
The Native Americans, like all tribal cultures, never had a written music language. They developed instruments that were naturally harmonic, and so musical background is not necessary to play these flutes. To produce the sound, one simply blows into the instrument; the unique design easily creates the music. Native American flute music has traditionally been 'made up' on the spot, by playing what one feels. It is a wonderful tool for self expression. We do have an exclusive line of Native American Flute Song Books to get you started even if you do not read music.
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Only the Marvin Yazzie and Jonah Thompson flutes are authentic Native American made flutes. Although the High Spirits, Stellar, and 2 Bears flutes are played and endorsed by prominent Native American musicians, they are not Native American made.
All of the products in this section are made in America.
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