Ethnic Flutes - Spirit Flutes

These flutes are being re-designed and I will stock the complete line when they are available in the near future.
See flutes listed below. 

Traditional western instruments (guitar, piano, etc.) often require a lot of technique to learn and many hours of practice before one can feel free to simply create music. The Spirit Flutes are low tech and no previous music experience is needed to play them!

​Music that normally requires complex fingering patterns can be played by just opening the fingering holes one at a time. Now, any number of musical styles is available to everyone! These wonderful flutes have an inherent tone and sound of a particular ethnic style of music. They come in Blues, Japanese, Middle Eastern, Celtic, Renaissance, Diatonic, Pentatonic Major, Pentatonic Minor scales.
All these flutes are professional / concert quality instruments.
Made in America


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Spirit Flute Bag, C or G - Second-Blemish
This is a new bag but has a small pull thread or some other minor blemish.  This bag will fi..
$16.00 $13.99
Stellar Middle Eastern Scale Flute in A Cherry Wood
  Hear a Middle Eastern Flute in the Key of A  Sound Clip 1 The Stellar Middle Ea..
$235.00 © 2017