Stellar Flutes - Washington State

All Stellar flutes are made by Tom and Lily and they are concert quality instruments.  

Made in America
             See and hear the flute keys listed below

All of the products in this section are made in America, Washington State. 

I like these flutes, they are fun to play, very light weight, easy to get a great tone and have a fantastic finish.  Very smooth, I do not know how they do it!  They are sealed inside and outide with  4 coats of oil based Polyurethane and are guaranteed against cracking. 

The Basic flute line is undecorated, featuring a low profile block, and comes in western red cedar and is tuned to the pentatonic minor scale. 
If you are looking for a flute with a high quality voice at an affordable price then a Basic flute is the way to go. This is a great flute for a beginner who does not want to invest in a more expensive flute or for a collector who is trying to affordably expand their flute collection. This versatile flute is lightweight enough to take hiking, and its low profile block makes it easy to travel with. It is also a great flute for someone who wants to add their own decoration.  We have elk lace and beads for this.

DVDs that includes instructions on how to play the flute and more are available as an option. 

You can hear sound clips of the individual flute keys on the details page of each flute. 

About Tom and Lily the makers of Stellar flutes
Tom founded Stellar in 1995 when by a wonderful series of events he was introduced to the Native American Flute. The experience of making flutes, honing techniques, and creatively adding to the flute- making technology has been an engaging, arduous, and fulfilling task. It has come closer than anything ever has to tapping Tom's talents and energies to their fullest. His focus is true and he loves his work. 

Lily, Tom’s Daughter,  is " Stellar, the next generation." She can take a flute blank and turn it into a beautifully tuned and finished flute. She knows every aspect of the business from woodworking to office management. She has perfected the process of applying the flute finish and Lily wears many different hats when it comes to Stellar Flutes. She's versatile, talented and hard working.

Stellar Flutes have welcomed people into this world and shepherded them into the next. They have helped people through the loss of loved ones, taken the anger out of divorce, assisted in healing the injured. They have calmed the incarcerated, and given direction to the lost. 

Due to the nature of wood the coloring and grain pattern will vary slightly from the photos. 

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Although these flutes are played and endorsed by prominent Native American musicians, these flutes are not Native American made.  Only the Jonah Thompson and Marvin Yazzie flutes are authentic Native American made.
Click here to see Jonah's flutes.     
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