Ponderosa Pine Pocket flute in D - Bear - FINISH Blemish

Ponderosa Pine Pocket flute in D - Bear - FINISH Blemish
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NEW flute with a finish blemish 

Hear a flute in the Key of High D
Sound Clip 1
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Hand Carved Bear
Natural Finish

Authentic Native American Made

Jonah Thompson flutes are genuine hand made Native American flutes.
The key of D is high pitched and makes for a smaller flute and is great for backpacking and easy carry. The hole spacing is great for hands on the smaller side but not to close for larger hands.  These flutes in the key of High D are wonderful instruments but the pitch is on the high side.  For a little more money there are the Jonah Thompson flutes in the key of A with a deeper and more mellow tone.

Jonah makes these flutes by hand, tunes them and hand carves the animal fetishes as well. These flutes are a great value and wonderful instruments. They are 6 hole instruments made of ponderosa pine that has a warm tone similar to cedar. The flute also comes with a booklet by Jonah Thompson along with fingering charts.


Mark down the tone holes from the chart below on a dowel or rolled up piece of paper to see if you can comfortably play this flute.

Key: HIGH D - 6 Hole 
Wood: Ponderosa Pine
Total Length: 14"
Mouthpiece to first hole center: 7"
Mouthpiece to hole #2 center:  7 3/4"
Mouthpiece to hole #3 center: 8 1/2"
Mouthpiece to hole #4 center: 9 3/8"
Mouthpiece to hole #5 center: 10 1/8"
Mouthpiece to hole #6 center: 10 7/8"
Outside Diameter: 1 1/8"
Bore: 3/4"
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