Stellar Middle Eastern Scale Flute in A Cherry Wood

Stellar Middle Eastern Scale Flute in A Cherry Wood
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Made in America

Hear a Middle Eastern Flute in the Key of A 
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The Stellar Middle Eastern style flute is very unique and different from all of the other flutes.
It features a completely different scale which is commonly known as the HiJaz scale. This flute is crafted from cherry wood and is sealed inside and outside with 4 coats of oil based Polyurethane and are guaranteed against cracking and it comes with a colorful cotton wrapping.  It comes with a fingering chart.


Because of the unusual tuning, these flutes have fingering holes of varying sizes and the last hole is spaced far enough down the flute body that it is  slightly moved to one side of the flute to make it easier to reach.
The fingering on these flutes can be challenging to a beginner so see the finger hole spacing below.  
You should mark out the hole spacing on a dowel or rolled up paper tube to see if your hands are large enough to play comfortably. 

I would not recommend this as your first flute as it is more difficult to play than standard Native American flutes. 

Due to the natural nature of wood the grain and coloring may be slightly different than the flute in the photos.

Mark down the tone holes from the chart below on a dowel or rolled up piece of paper to see if you can comfortably play this flute.

Key: A - 6 Hole Tuned to Middle Eastern Scale - HiJaz scale 
Wood: Cherry 
Total Length: 22"
Mouthpiece to first hole center: 10 1/8"
Mouthpiece to hole #2 center:  11 3/4"
Mouthpiece to hole #3 center: 12 3/8"
Mouthpiece to hole #4 center: 13 5/8"
Mouthpiece to hole #5 center: 14 3/8"
Mouthpiece to hole #6 center: 16 1/4"  OFFSET
Outside Diameter: 1 1/8"
Bore: 7/8" © 2017