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Fingering Charts Flutes
Fingering Chart 5 Hole flute in the key of A (High Spirits 601)
Fingering Chart 6 Hole flute in the key of G (High Spirits 605)
Fingering Chart 6 hole flute, all keys A, B, C, D, E, F#, G
Blank Flute Fingering Chart Pages   Type 1
Blank Flute Fingering Chart Pages   Type 2
Spirit Flutes Fingering Charts
Spirit Flute in Major Key in 5 hole and 6 hole  (High Spirit 625B and 626B)
Spirit Flute Diatonic Major Scales (High Spirit 671W and 626W) - Diatonic Major Scale, Minor Pentatonic Scale, Major Pentatonic Scale, Blues Scale, Mixoblues Scale, Mixolydian Scale, Dorian Scale, Melodic Minor Scale, Harmonic Minor Scale, Lydian Scale, Asian Scale, Middle Eastern Minor Scale, Slendro Scale, Aeolian Scale and Hungarian Minor Scale. 
Spirit Flute Blues, key of C or G
Spirit Flute Japanese, key of C  or G
Spirit Flute Middle Eastern, key of C or G
Spirit Flute Pentatonic Major
Spirit Flute Pentatonic Minor
"Do-it-your-self" flute kit instructions and fingering charts
Drum Care
Smudge Kit Instructions   
Piano Pieces and other FREE Stuff
Free Piano Pieces and more
Many Classic Christian Writings, MP3s, and Other Online Resources  
Band Flute Stuff
Car and feeding of a band flute
Blank Sheet Music
Wood Ocarinas Fingering Charts
Ocarina Kit (High Spirits 920)


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