About Jonah Thompson, Native American flute maker and musician 

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Jonah Thompson   
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Jonah is Dine and grew up on the Navajo Reservation in Kayenta, Arizona. He is born to the Coyote Pass clan and born for the Red House People clan of the Navajo people.
Flute making was taught to him by his uncle. Jonah is a musician and flute maker and attends many pow-wows and art shows around the southwest to sell his flutes and share his stories with people.  

Jonah's philosophy of flute making is that the flute was given to the first people as a gift. The flute music is to be shared in prayer, in friendship, and in recreation. 
Although his flutes are inexpensive and would not be considered concert quality they are wonderful for the money and his trade mark is the wonderful hand carved animal fetishes. 

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