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   Native American Flute Kit

To see our unfinished Native American style flutes in stock click here. 
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About our unfinished Native American Style Flutes
This is a great way to get in touch with your very own personal flute.  Craft it yourself.  All the hard work is done.  These are pre-shaped, glued together, assembled and tuned.  They can be played right out of the box as received.  The exterior of the flute is rough but has been rounded, the fipple hole is cut, the finger holes are already spaced out and drilled. The block has the air channel cut in it as well.  
Comes in keys A, G, F#, Low D, and Low E.
On the low E and Low D flute the lowest finger hole axis is offset by design so your hand can be held in a more comfortable position. 
It produces less strain than if you have to twist the hand to cover the last hole. It does not effect the tone as the wave length is the same. . 

All that you need to do is some finish sanding and smoothing of the body and some filing and final shaping of the mouth piece end of the flute.  The block can be cut or carved as you desire. Add some wood finish or oil and you are ready to go. Decorate with beads, carvings, wood burning, paint or feathers. The flute blanks are western red cedar used for its tone, quality and ease to work with. A block and instructions are included with each kit. Elk leather ties and oil available as an option.
When finished you will have a flute that would normally cost $150 to $300 depending on the key. 

Click here to see some completed kits. 

Native American Flute Kit

Native American Flute mouthpiece

Native American Flute Kit Fipple Hole

Native American Flute Body

Native American Flute End

Warning: Most people who purchase a Native American style flute love it so much they buy more flutes in various keys & woods. You can't say I did not warn you.  

To see and our unfinished Native American style flutes in stock click here. 
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