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The Songbook set for 6 hole flutes is an unbelievably fantastic value! Extremely well put together book series!
Very fast shipping and well packaged! Perfect communication! Top shelf! Thank you!

Just wanted to thank you for the fabulous flute and book, there is definitely an extra dimension to a musical instrument made by someone with the living culture in their veins....the flute really sings, and I look forward to exploring the possibilities of all those marvellous tunes...
God Bless you and keep you whole

The greatest gift I have ever given myself!!! Thank you so much!!!

I am not an excellent pianist but I am all our small church has. Since I found these books, my church thinks I have greatly improved. Its not me- its some really GREAT arrangements.

Couldn't be more pleased-unless you could make the mail quicker but once I received it. It was perfect. I am about a medium level pianist but I am the only organist our church has & I want to do the very best I can. These are lovely arrangements that I can play right out of the box. I'll be back for more. Thank you.

Love it. I am not a professional but at our small church, I am the only option so I do my best. These books are perfect, the congregation was pleased & so was I. Lovely arrangements that I can prepare with just a few days practice.

I LOVE my collection of flute music books! These books are great. They give you the fingerings - so there is no need to read music - just play along. Even if I don't play the songs the way it is written exactly - it gives me new melodies and note combinations that lead me into new songs or variations of my own as I tend to play more freestyle. The books are large and easily read from a few feet's distance, which is important with larger flutes. They sit perfectly on a music stand or just laid on a table or on the floor. Shipping was very fast! The books arrived in flawless condition. Bound by hand - with cute scteches on the front covers - a very organic and natural feel. I am extremely happy with this seller and with the wonderful product. If you are looking at these, don't hesitate. They are wonderful!

I LOVE your piano music. God has blessed you with a great talent. Thanks for sharing it with us.

I’ve just played through your new piano hymn book. I love it! I love Praise my Soul. I was surprised by some places- like measure 9. I love the whole book.
Your arrangements are so fresh. I truly hope you consider arranging more and more. For there is such a need for good arrangements of beloved hymns. In fact, I know of a few people who are hoping for another christmas book! What do you think? :)
Thank you for all of your hard work, the careful fingering etc. They are a blessing to me. Now you know what- I never heard ‘Some Golden Daybreak’ before- thats a new one to me!! Love,

Received my order, it was exactly as described. Very Happy with it and already playing some tunes. Thanks!

Hi Walt: 
Just wanted to tell you that I received the flute and song books today. The flute is beautiful. I've already been practicing scales and!!! I have one song just about down pat. THANK YOU!! For all your help and form of expression. I hope to Wow them around the camp fire this year. 








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