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Native American Flute Songbooks

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About our Flute Songbooks
Native American flute music has traditionally been 'made up' on the spot, by playing what one feels. It is a wonderful tool for self-expression. These books are designed for those who might want to learn to play specific songs on their flute. No music reading skills are necessary, as all the notations are graphics of the flutes, the dark holes being the ones you must cover with your fingers to make that particular tone. 

There are books for both the 5 hole and 6 hole flutes and they work with flutes of any key in the minor scale. 
All songs are original songs by Carol LaForet. You can download samples of some of the songs

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Customer Comments about these Songbooks:

I LOVE my collection of flute music books! These books are great. They give you the fingerings - so there is no need to read music - just play along. Even if I don't play the songs the way it is written exactly - it gives me new melodies and note combinations that lead me into new songs or variations of my own as I tend to play more freestyle. The books are large and easily read from a few feet's distance, which is important with larger flutes. They sit perfectly on a music stand or just laid on a table or on the floor. Shipping was very fast! The books arrived in flawless condition. Bound by hand - with cute scteches on the front covers - a very organic and natural feel. I am extremely happy with this seller and with the wonderful product. If you are looking at these, don't hesitate. They are wonderful!

Love this so much, it is the second copy I have bought. Wonderful for learning to play!

I bought Earth Songs, Wind songs, and Other Songs. All three are very good song books for the Native American Flute. Whether you play a Five hole flute or Six, you can easily make a few changes to accommodate either flute. The easy to read fingering diagrams are great for any level. Not all of us are musically talented or trained, so “ just playing the flute to your emotions or feelings” doesn’t work. I love to play my A, G, F#, D flutes, but need a finger chart song book to help me as I have no musical training, but love the sound , the history, and beauty of the NAF. Thank you Carol for your wonderful, well diagramed , beautiful music song books. Now I can play beautiful authentic Native America music to my heart’s content

Wonderful quality work from a genuinely compassionate company. These books are great for players of all skill levels and make for an excellent introduction to the kinds of music most befitting of the Native American Flute.

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